Poi may mean "a ball on a cord", but it means so much more to all that use them.
Discover all about Poi from the Home of Poi.

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Poi? What is Poi?
POI is one of the best things you can ever discover, AND the Maori word for ball on a cord.

The POI was used, many years ago, by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand to increase their flexibility and strength in their hands and arms as well as improving coordination.

Wahine (female) dancers perform the Maori POI, a dance performed with balls attached to flax strings, swung rhythmically. The POI dance was originally used by the Maori women for keeping their hands flexible for weaving and by the men for strength and coordination required during battle.

The above Fabric Poi are more thought of as International Poi. Hand made using a variety of modern fabrics and lasting materials.

Why start Poi?

Poi is fun, a way to attract new friends, great for the body and awesome for your brain.

When you purchase from Home of Poi you also get hundreds of free video lessons to help you quickly impress yourself, and others, with your skills.

"It really can change your life!"

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